GSROC is a volunteer-driven organization. We are funded entirely by private donations and receive no government support. Dogs for adoption are housed in foster home situations and in private-boarding facilities.


Through a careful screening process, we place loving dogs into forever homes, with compassionate individuals and families. We begin with an application, which tells us more about an individual’s experience level, lifestyle, other pets, preferences, etc., so we can recommend dogs that best fit the home. Prospective adopters are encouraged to meet various dogs and to bring all family members and existing pets to meet the dogs they are interested in. Once the dog has been selected, we perform a routine home visit to ensure the dog will be safe from any hazards, poisons, or dangerous living situations. At this time, we advise the adopter if there are any repairs or corrections that need to be made prior to the dog coming home. From there, adopters pledge to love and care for the adopted dog throughout its entire lifetime. In the event an adopter is no longer able to care for a dog, we insist it come back into our rescue safety net for re-homing.


Despite recent spay/neuter efforts, pet overpopulation continues to cost 6-8 million companion dogs and cats their lives every year. Of this figure, more than 25% are purebred animals. We believe that by focusing on the niche that we know best, German Shepherd Dogs, and by placing the dogs in suitable, lifelong homes, we can significantly reduce the number of animal lives that are lost in our immediate area. We hope to build on the success that we achieve and one day expand our safety net to include shepherds in other areas as well. With your generous support, we can continue this life-saving mission one deserving dog at a time.

When you shop with us, or donate directly, you are directly saving lives. Every donation, no matter how small, helps in our mission to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home German Shepherds. As a privately-funded organization, without you and your support, none of what we do would be possible.